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Shane Devane
gohono Founder

Dear Prague

Pub Owner

Hospitality is challenging. But there is opportunity. Covid19 has changed people's behaviour.

The events and travel industry are undergoing a huge overhaul. No longer can people risk flying to attend large scale events and event organisers are operating with tighter budgets.

This means events have to be smaller, local and more frequent.

Repeat Customers

You need repeat customers to grow. gohono is the first of it's kind Pub Events Platform in Prague. We work with you to help your customers self-organise social events during your off-peak times and turn your pub into a destination.

Free Trial

You need to keep your costs low and fixed, and gohono works with you. Our platform is free to get started and only when demand increases do we charged a fixed monthly fee.

5-Minute Setup

You need to focus on customers. The gohono Event Platform is a self-managed system. By using a mixture of technologies your customers can suggest event ideas with each other, discover events, chat between themselves and decided on a time to meet in your pub.

You can get started right now by Signing Up as a Partner Pub and printing a simple A4 Poster.

Launching in Prague

You need to bring customers back. We are launching in Prague post covid19 and we would love if you would join.

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Shane Devane
gohono Founder