Some of our free tools for hosts and event organizers.

Event Suggestions

Quickly share an event idea with others online and build interest
View an Example Event Idea

  • When, where, and why of an event
  • Easily share on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • No signup required
  • Free for everyone
  • Create an Event Suggestion

    Collaborative Map

    Quickly decide on a location and time with your group

  • Real-time logistics planning
  • Decide on location in real-time
  • Decide on availability in real-time
  • Free for everyone
  • For 2-10 people in real-time
  • Host Profiles

    Share your skills and promote your services using searchable and sharable profiles

  • Showcase who you are, what you do
  • Location based
  • Collect contributions*
  • Free for everyone
  • Join TableFiller