What we do

We help people with similar interests connect together and self-organise social events in cafes, bars or restaurants.

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Social Events like...

  • Writing Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Hackathons
  • Coding Clubs
  • Board Games
  • RPG Gamers
  • Language Exchange
  • Papercraft
  • Chess Games
  • Photography Clubs
  • Business Networking
  • Professional Roundtables
  • Entrepreneur Office Hours
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Card Games
  • Hobbyists
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Cosplay Crafts
  • Social Groups
  • Art Clubs

1. TableTop Pyramids

We use TableTop Pyramids, QR Codes and website integrations to promote our hosts and their social events to the customers in our partner cafes, bars and restaurants.

See a photo of a gohono Table Pyramid

2. Matchmaking

Using our Apps we match hosts and groups together based on their experience level, location and preferred time.

3. Recurring

We use feedback and analytics to understand what works for our hosts and venue partners so that social groups come back again and again. We grow when our hosts and partners grow.


  • We match the off-peak tables in your cafes or restaurant with groups of people (between 4-8 typically) that are involved in a learning or playing hobby. We help the hosts of those groups organize and accept micropayment from their groups. When you apply as a partner, you'll be asked about the off-peak times that are suitable for you.

  • We match the avg. meal or drink price with the group so that everyone purchases a minimum amount, this is in proportion of the time spent. You will be asked for your preferred minimum cost and maximum duration when you apply. Different groups require different durations and we will provide you with recommendations based on your city.

  • We don't charge commission for partners. We charge a monthly subscription for access to tools and services that help manage multiple events. We have a fully featured freemium service and we will work with you to promote your business.

  • On average it takes between 3 weeks and 3 months to establish yourself as a location for gohono hosts to use. Different establishments, different cities and distance to transportation will affect up take. We work with each partner to aid in promoting and matching the right groups for the right experience. If at anytime you aren't getting results or expecting more you can contact us on: partner-request@tablefiller.com

  • We work with a mixture of hosts, Language Exchange, RPG and Fitness Coaches are our top groups. Some groups meet for 1hr and then leave, other groups (like RPG) play for up to 2-3hrs at a time. Our trail running and cycling groups meet for 15 minutes before leaving and continuing on their fitness activity.

  • Yes definitely. We are working with other traditional venues, popup coffee stands and home-based kitchens as a way to bring people to that location. Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

  • We use our app, network and social channels to promote venues. Our awesome hosts will be your main promoters.

What we do

We help people with similar interests connect together and self-organise social events in cafes, bars or restaurants.

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